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What Make Me Unique?

Some people ask me: “Chris, you have been in the lending business since 2001, why are you now offering business insurance?” In business and/or property insurance, I have seen a hole in the service most can provide. It is a common frustration for the insured to navigate these details with business lenders and investors. People often ask, “How do I get my insurance company to meet the requirements of my Bank and Investors with the minimum amount of paperwork and aggravation? So many times, it’s a battle to get our business partners on the same page!

In my business, I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of this struggle.  I understand business and I understand underwriting.  “I have a certain set of skills,” that allow me to take the burden off the businesses and so meet our partner’s requirements.


I’m a person who has a hands-on experience of owning and operating a Resident and Commercial Lending business.  In addition, I know what it is like to build a business, preserve, and protect something that is personal to you and to the employees that the business supports.

My presence can be unassuming. As an individual dedicated to serve and support my partners in their endeavors, I enjoy new environments and assessing the dynamics of companies and organizations. Most of all, I have a natural curiosity to discover what truly matters to people and helping them obtain what they need.

I have managed Commercial and Residential investment property and know what it takes to stay protected and to keep the cost low.

Also, I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life. I have attended school here and embraced the tenacity and character of our people. Like many of you, I have relatives and friends who work in the Oil and Manufacturing industry.  I have seen first-hand how accidents can affect families and the companies they work for.  I have seen the benefits to people when insurance matters are handled correctly and I have seen the devastation caused by long drawn-out processes.

Like most business owners, I have directly dealt with fire, theft, and employee dishonesty.  Some people say that business isn’t personal. I completely disagree. It’s personal to the family that forms the business and to the people who build their dreams, vocations, and lives around their careers.  I take pride in knowing that I’m in an industry that helps build protection and confidence in people’s lives.

Personal Interests

I have had many experiences in my early adult life.  I have owned businesses and I have had the opportunity to travel to every continent with my wife.


Now my focus is on building relationships in my community, watching my kids play sports, and making sure my son wipes his nose:

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Chris Davenport - VIG Insurance


The Chris Davenport – VIG Insurance name is trusted throughout the communities served because the goal here, above all else, is to develop lasting relationships with every client. The reputation Chris Davenport – VIG Insurance has built is based on the philosophy that success is exactly correlated with clients’ well-being and peace of mind. Call today and let Chris Davenport – VIG Insurance make life easy on you.
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